The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo – September 2018 -Videos

Νοέ 8, 2018

The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Tokyo has provided a strategic platform for key stakeholders within the water sector to come together to discuss and co-create solutions to address the global water challenges.The keynote presentations showcase the diversity of issues addressed: from disaster resilience, to sustainable urban water cycles, utility operations, the diffusion of innovation, the digitisation of the water industry, the Sustainable Development Goal 6 status, institutional settings, the role of science and technology and social ambitions for the cities of the future. Watch the videos of the presentations and the panel discussions. And share the thought-leadership about our planet’s water impacts and solutions.

We look forward seeing you at the next IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen in 2020. And next year at the IWA Water and Development Congress & Exhibition 2019.

The IWA Team.

2018 Keynote Speakers #WorldWaterCongress Videos

VIDEO: The Consciousness of Water
How are technology trends, such as IoT, Genetics, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence impacting our collective daily lives? Rudy de Waele assesses the impact of the digital transformation in the water sector.

VIDEO: For a Sustainable Urban Water Cycle

Yuriko Koike raises attention on the initiatives taken to realize resilient and sustainable water supply and sewerage systems in Tokyo to support a sustainable urban water cycle.

VIDEO: Strengthening Water-related Disaster Resilience for Sustainable Development

Toshio Koike (PhD), Director of the International Centre for Water Hazard and Risk Management in Tsukuba, Japan, addresses recent developments in the field of risk identification, reduction and management to achieve increased preparedness.

VIDEO: Issues in Strengthening and Expanding a Utility in a Social Context of Lower and Middle Income Countries

Silver Mugisha (NWSC), Uganda, gives insights into institutional frameworks that are most conducive to strengthen and expand utilities in low and middle income countries.

VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on Regulation, People and Institution Building in lower and middle income countries.

VIDEO: The status of and outlook for Sustainable Development Goal 6

Claudia Sadoff urges water professionals to re-examine the economics, engineering and water management paradigms if we are to meet both the water services goals and the broader goals around water resources management.
VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on Sustainable Development Goal 6.

VIDEO: Decision making with uncertainty – challenges facing water professionals

Shinichiro Ohgaki, President of the Japan Water Research Center, highlights the importance of development in science and technology for a sustainable future.
VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on Dealing with uncertainty

VIDEO: The diffusion of water innovation: a university perspective

Professor Mark Van Loosdrecht illustrates how there is potential for water innovation when the curiosity and knowledge from researchers is matched by a felt market need by the water sector.

VIDEO: The diffusion of innovation: a utility perspective

Dr. Sudhir Murthy illustrates how the adoption of innovations in a water utility need to consider the different innovation cycles of water technologies.
VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on Accelerating the diffusion of innovation in the water sector.

VIDEO: “From Drips and Drops to Bits and Bytes”: The digitization of water and impacts on utilities.

Rebekah Eggers from IBM discusses the underlying data science and technology constructs that are being leveraged to bridge the physical/digital divide and the resulting opportunities and risks to the water and sanitation sector.
VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on the digitization of water and impacts on utilities.

VIDEO: The options and opportunities for a big multipurpose utility

What synergies can an integrated provision of services bring? Lars Therkildsen, CEO of HOFOR, the Utility of Greater Copenhagen, explains some of the efficiencies gained and social ambitions achieved.
VIDEO: Watch also the panel discussion on options and opportunities for a big multipurpose utility.