Purpose and Objectives

Purpose and Objectives

The Cyprus Water Association, through public, private, research and academic cooperation, aims to act as a think tank for the development of innovative ideas, modern methods and best practices for the sustainable development of water and wastewater, taking into account the protection of the environment and sustainability.

The objectives of the Cyprus Water Association are:

  • Provide scientific and professional support to researchers, engineers, technicians and other professionals who are related to the design, construction and operation of water and wastewater management systems.
  • Assist, develop and implement policies concerning water and wastewater management both at national and regional level.
  • Disseminate scientific and technical information among members of CWA and other parties responsible for the development and implementation of water and wastewater management policies.
  • Develop educational programs and projects promoting the understanding and implementation of water and wastewater management policies.
  • Promote research and development of prototypes relating to water and wastewater management, with the view to protect public health and conserve the environment, save energy and conserve natural resources.
  • Be recognized at a national level as the most specialized body of experts on technical water and wastewater management matters and as such to advise the state on issues of legislation and implementation of relevant policies.
  • Take on the leading role in conveying the needs and principles of water and wastewater management to the general public.

The means of achieving the above objectives are:

  • Organization, promotion and support of conferences, symposiums, lectures, seminars, exhibitions, workshops and other relevant events at local, Pancyprian, regional and international level, as well as co-organizing such events with other Organizations and/or Academic Institutions.
  • Publishing activities related to the publication and distribution of the proceedings of the aforementioned events as well as announcements, newsletters, scientific and technical periodicals, or any other publications serving the purposes of the CWA.
  • Developing and maintaining contacts, connections and cooperation with other national or international organizations whose activities serve the purposes of the CWA.
  • Promoting scientific research through the development and / or financing of research projects.
  • Collaborating with industry, engineers, scientists, research and educational institutions to develop new or improve technologies related to water and wastewater management.
  • Liaising with bodies responsible for the selection and / or implementation of water and wastewater management policies to improve methodologies and practices.
  • In general, cooperation with other organizations of common interest, Associations, Companies, Institutions and individual and/or legal persons in Cyprus or abroad having identical or similar purposes, aiming at organizing and carrying out the above objectives and for any activity which the Executive Board of the Association will consider appropriate and in accordance with the objectives of the Association.