CWA Members

The Members of the Association are: Regular, Honorary, Student and Corporate:

Regular Members are individual persons only, over 18 years old, graduates of Further and Higher Educational Institutions, active in the Water and Wastewater Sector.

Honorary Members are distinguished individuals who have provided excellent services that promoted the objectives of the Association.

Student Members are students of Cypriot and foreign Higher Educational Institutions in scientific fields related to water and waste water. The term ‘students’ includes undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students.

Corporate Members include:

Public Bodies are generally bodies of the state and the broader public sector, such as ministries, departments of ministries, semi-governmental organizations, local government organizations,etc.

Academic Research Institutions are departments or schools or laboratories of universities, research institutes, and other research entities or groups that deal scientifically and systematically with issues of water and wastewater.

Private Entities include consultants, treatment/disposal companies, equipment manufacturers/suppliers, water production/distribution related companies and wastewater and private entities engaged and interested in the development of technology and its applications in the field of water and wastewater management.


Member Registration

For member registration please follow the procedure below:

  • A written application is completed, signed by two Regular Members of the Association and sent to the email address:
  • Payment of a membership fee as determined by the Executive Board from time to time.
  • Approval by the Executive Board.

To apply for membership please click on the link below.

Rights and Obligations of Members

The Regular Members have the right to participate and vote in the General Assembly to elect and to be elected to the Executive Board of the Association.

The Honorary, Student and Corporate Members may attend the General Assemblies of the Association as observers without the right to participate in the proceedings of the General Assembly or the Administration of the Association.

All Members are expected to participate actively in the Association’s activities, assist in the achievement of its goals and objectives and comply with the decisions of the General Assembly and of the Executive Board. All Members must ensure coverage of their financial obligations to the Association.