Cyprus Water Association

Cyprus Water Association (CWA)

The Cyprus Water Association (CWA) was founded on 22 July 2017 in Limassol, is a non-profit organization, has no political character, operates on the basis of volunteering and is the Cyprus representation in the International Water Association (IWA). The Cyprus Water Association aims to address the challenges of Cyprus’ water issues, to support research and development in this field and to promote and apply best practices, techniques and modern methods in the field of water and wastewater. The continuing drought and the apparent impacts of climate change on water resources make it imperative for all stakeholders to cooperate and to contribute for the optimal and sustainable use and management of water resources.

Since 21 August 2017 CWA is a Governing Member of the International Water Association (IWA) and officially represents Cyprus in IWA.

For a copy of the constitution click here.